The freightning Capela dos Ossos

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When you think of a vacation, you will immediately start thinking about warm weather, beautiful beaches and probably some cocktails. Everyone thinks about these kind of holidays. It becomes a bit boring, don’t you think? What about something completely different, a spooky experience for instance? You will have a great experience when you visit the Capela dos Ossos. I guarantee that you will never forget this trip!


In the picturesque Portuguese town of Évora there is the Royal Church of St. Francis. This chapel seems like any other shrine to piety from the outside, lovely and cute. The inside offers a different view though.


In the sixteenth century there weren’t enough cemetries to bury the dead in this little town. So someone decided to move the remains of five thousand corpses into a consecrated chapel and decorate the space with their bones. At the entrance you will find two skeletons at a chain, one of them is a child.


One of the chapels where the walls are made out of humans skeletons




Despite that this happened in the sixteenth century all the bones all still here. The people of the town call it a necropolis-turned-chapel. You can feel the death when you are inside they say. There are no words to describe the feeling you get when you are in there. If you come close enough to the heads on the wall you will even hear them whisper: “ We are the bones inside, waiting for yours to come.”


Time for worship in the cellar of the chapel


The only space within the chapel that doesn’t have the bones from dead people inside is the sealing. This is made out of a normal rock with paintings from what death would look like. There might not be any skulls in the sealing but the texts written on them are not less creepy: “melior est die mortis die nativitatis.” Which means: “ The day you die is better than the day you were born.”


People go to this horror scene because they want to be frightened. They choose this kind of entertainment because it affects them. And I assure you, this chapel will affect you. This is a real-life horror movie.


So, have I convinced you to get out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to throw the cocktails away and finally do something very exciting?


Click on the link below and book the hotel and the trip on I promise, you won’t regret it.



The way from the hotel to the chapel




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